FAQs About Hydrogen Water

Are there really benefits to drinking hydrogen water?

Molecular hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant that can increase energy levels and reduce inflammation from exercise. Japan has been at the forefront of advocating its use since 2007, with over 1000 published studies on benefits like these in total!

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How does the bottle work?

The Proton Exchange Membrane and a Solid Polymer Electrolyte electrolyzer in our ionizing bottles produce pure molecular hydrogen at high concentrations up to 1.6 ppm

What happens to the leftover chlorine and oxygen?

You'll never need to worry about harmful chemicals again when you drink. All oxygen and chlorine gases are stripped away from it with a dual-chamber exhaust vent, allowing only pure molecular hydrogen to be infused into your drinking water.

How do I clean my H2 Bottle?

To clean your H2 Bottle, follow these simple steps:

  1. Pour white vinegar onto the titanium plates (on the base's centre) until the plate is completely submerged.
  2. Let the solution sit for 30 minutes, then rinse it by running water onto the plates.
  3. Repeat this step twice a month for optimal results.

REMEMBER: Do not submerge the base in water, wash it in the dishwasher, nor use a brush to clean it.

What type of water should I use?

H2 Bottle's proton exchange membrane allows you to use regular tap water, filtered or purified water in your bottle.

What is the recommended water temperature should I use?

For best results, opt for a room or cold tap; if that doesn't suit your needs then try adding some ice cubes too. Don't ever pour boiling water to avoid damaging the SPE and PEM units.

How long does the hydrogen last in the water?

When the water was stored in a sealed container, it stayed at 1.6 ppm hydrogen for up to 1-3 hours, or longer. All you have to do is press the power button whenever you're ready to drink more ionized water, and the bottle will run for 3 minutes to produce more hydrogen.

How much hydrogen water should I drink per day?

The individuals and athletes that ingested 5-7 bottles per day or 64 Oz of hydrogen-rich water, according to the study and research conducted, obtain the best results.

Is there any difference with the smell and taste of water?

Because of the extra molecular hydrogen generated in your H2 Bottle water, water will taste far better after being run through it than before.